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The increased needs for medical tools / aids, due to COVID-19, led us to design, a face shield for medical staff, 
but also for any employee who comes in constant contact with citizens (healthy or not).

A simple face mask is not enough to stop the air-floating microdrops to come in contact with the face and does not
guarantee the speading from the subconscious movement of the hands near the face.

The face shield keeps every air-floating microdrop away, while communicating with another person, and keeps
the user's hands away from contact with his face. It has a modern design, is very light and does not fog, like glasses,
due to safficient distance from the face while offering proper ventilation.

  • Anti-fog
  • Light weight
  • Easily assemple and replace
  • Adjustable in wearing
  • Optically clear peripheral vision
  • Protects from air body (or not) fluids
  • Repeated use
  • Fits over glasses or goggles
  • All shield materials are recyclable


  • Manufacturer: TETRAFORM, Greece
  • Product Weight: 70 gr.
  • Color: Transparent / green
  • Package weight: 140 gr.
  • The product consists of the Crown, the Shield and the Elastic strip.
  • Crown material: PP
  • Shield materia: A-PET 100% virgin
  • Elastic strip material: Polyester and rubber lined with cotton


  • Hospital
  • Dental office
  • Food industry
  • Chemical laboratory
  • Anyone who comes in touch with other people often


  • Non sterilized
  • Use only against liquids and dust
  • Do not use as protection against open flame or sparks


  • Contains 1 set (+ extra spare PET) per package, & user manual
  • Package dimensions: 300mm X 250mm X 20mm
  • One carton contains 40pcs of package
  • Carton weights 7 kilos and dimensions 500mm X 400mm X 300mm


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